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14 Jul 2017

Electric Baseboard Heaters and Energy Efficiency


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Posted By Jackie K.

If it seems your winter heating bills are increasing for no apparent reason, the problem may not be with the appliances but with the home itself. Even if the electric baseboard heaters are working correctly, almost one third of the heat they produce can escape through walls, floors and ceilings. Other places the air can escape includes ducts, fireplaces, plumbing fixtures and around the windows and doors. By ensuring the home is properly insulated and sealed, the occupant can help to improve the efficiency of electric heaters.

Occupants can also save energy by ensuring the thermostat of their electric baseboard heaters are set properly. At night or when planning to be away from the home, the thermostat temperature should be lowered. However, one should not turn off the heater completely, as it must work twice as hard and use more energy in the morning. When on vacation, set the heater to automatic and leave it at a reasonable setting, usually no lower than 60.

When you want to save money and reduce waste, it can help to ensure that the heaters are clean and that dust is removed. Anything that blocks the vents or exhaust can cause the heater to use additional energy. If buying a new unit, it should be Energy Star compliant. Owners may want to consider units that offer an anti-freeze function that will turn on the heat if the room temperatures drop to the point that pipes could freeze.

Energy Efficiency

Some baseboard heaters are more energy efficient than others. For example the Fahrenheat PHH15002 is an oil filled baseboard heater that works well in rooms up to ten by fifteen feet. It offers several safety features and is ideal for use in offices, bedrooms or even small living rooms. These units offer two heating levels and a built I thermostat. It is easily installed and requires very little floor space.

For a larger area that must be warmed, the Marley PLF504 offers a hydronic baseboard unit. This model is only 28 inches long and easily blends with most furnishings. It can be mounted on the wall high enough that the occupants can easily operate a vacuum underneath the unit. It uses proprietary technology to provide energy efficient heating for a room using a freeze proof liquid to disperse the heat.

Heating a room when it is empty usually makes no sense. Dayton offers the UG01, a portable unit that can be transported with the occupants of a home to the room being occupied. This model offers cost effective heating in a stylish and compact unit that is made to blend with nearly any decor. It offers many safety features, such as a tip proof mechanism and auto shutoff.

When choosing energy efficient heating systems for one's home, make sure you know the available power for operating the heater and the square footage to be warmed. To keep the home comfortable in the winter, select a system offering long term benefits, including electric baseboard heaters for a comfortable house.


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